“Illusions – science, mysticism or deception?” is the most popular educational programme at the Energy and technology museum. During this programme the participants will learn what are illusions, how they form or how they are being deisgned. After the programme yoy will be able to explain what is a mirage, pareidolia, artificial perspective and many more.

Participants will get acquainted with moving pictures, admire 3D anaglyphs and discover astounding optical deceptions with the help of interactive exhibits.


Reservations for educational programmes are taken from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to – 6.30 pm.
Call us (+370 5) 275 4312 or write an email to: visitors@etm.lt

Educational programme duration – 90 min

Group size – 10-30 people

Price per person – 5 (in Russian or English), 3,5 (for children from socially disadvantaged families and for for the disabled).

Opening hours and admission