Our special thematic tours are perfect if you have a particular interest in a certain topic.

Traditional & Alternative Energy

During the tour you will learn about the principles of thermal, water and nuclear power stations as well as their advantages and disadvantages. An important part of this tour is solar and wind energy and the future of the renewable energy which is discussed on the roof of the museum where you will see examples of solar panels and wind turbine. The tour is supplemented by interactive models of the Kruonis Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant and Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant.

Light up! This is How a Power Station Works

During the tour you will explore the equipment of the first public power plant of Vilnius and learn about the history of this industrial heritage object as well as the general principles of electricity production.

This thematic tour is a perfect choice for visitors interested in the history of industrial objects and energy engineering.

Made in Vilnius

The tour takes place at the exhibition “Made in Vilnius” which invites you to look at Vilnius industry from the city establishment to contemporary days. During the tour you will learn about goods that were made in Vilnius, and how industrialisation has changed the face and everyday life of the city.

This thematic tour is a great choice for visitors with a special interest in the history of Vilnius.

Technology & Science for Kids

“Technology & Science for Kids” are rooms on the upper floors of the museum equipped with interactive exhibits, which present natural science in an attractive and simple way. The colourful exhibits encourage visitors not only to observe, but also to actively participate in the cognitive process. Your tour guide will accompany you on your exploratory journey about light, energy, magnetic fields, sound, electricity and other natural phenomena.

This thematic tour is a number one choice for families with children or small groups of preschoolers.




Guided tour reservations are taken from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to – 6.30 pm.
Call us (+370 5) 275 4312 or write an email to: visitors@etm.lt


Thematic tour duration – 45 min

Maximum group size – 30 people

Price – 12 € (tour guide service in Russian or English) + admission tickets

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