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Installation “The EGGzistence”


From April 6th in the Energy and Technology Museum entrances, see “The EGGzistence” installation, created last year by the Burners community “Lithuanian Burners”.

What to see ❓ “EGGzistence” is an installation about the creation of the world. The installation at the ETM will light up every day (and night) until June 18th. During the events, we will light a fire in it, which will dance to the rhythms of music – the first event will take place this Thursday.

What to do ❓ on April 6th the “Amber Burn” community will organize beeswax sculpting, egg printing workshops, old book exchange, and plan a summer event. During the evening meeting at 7 PM will discuss how to get tickets to Burning Man, an alternative arts festival in the Black Rock Desert, USA.

What to find out ❓ It is believed that Perkūnas (in mythology also known as Perūnas, or Thunder) created the world by laying an egg, from which fire hatched and thus the life of the whole world was created. “The EGGzistence” symbolizes the moment of birth of the world and invites you to experience the eternal fire through the body – feeling its warmth, watching the flames dancing to existential notes and immersing yourself in a meditative state and stoking your inner fire. The making of the nest of the egg will unite the Vilnius city community for joint creativity.

The installation is part of the “Amber Burn’22” Art Grants.

Dress code: colored clothing.


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