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Currently IN THE MUSEUM:

On weekends at 11 AM.

On weekends at the ETM Curie and Newton Workshops.

This school year at ETM Electronics Workshop.

future exhibitions:

In September ETM will present a new project – sound installation “Electric Diva”.

past exhibitions:

ADOMAS VASILIAUSKAS “9 doors of comprehension”

Gertrūda Danisevičiūtė “parallels”

Lithuanian Life Sciences Industry exhibition

ALGIMANTAS ALEKSANDRAVIČIUS “276 steps towards europe”

“ELECTRONICS – benefit, waste – not a problem!” EEPA Association initiated children drawings contest exhibition

EGIDIJUS DARULIS “Decomposition 2”

INGA DINGA “sentimentality wave”

Atomic Energy Exhibition “Particle Splitting”

“Industrial narratives in Lithuanian posters”

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