Opening of the museum in 2003

The museum invited its first visitors on 14 February 2003, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Vilnius city central power station. At the time, the museum only took a mere 13% of the floor space of the former power station and the rest of the building was in very rough shape.

Expansion project in 2005

In order to bring itself up to a level that meets the expectations of a modern society, in 2005, the museum prepared an ambitious expansion project “Reorganising the Lithuanian Museum of Energetics into the Lithuanian Museum of Technology, and adapting an object of cultural and historic heritage – the premises of the first central power station of Vilnius – for public tourism needs”.

Dr. J. A. Krištopaitis on the importance of technology museums

At the time, the president of the History and Philosophy Association of the Baltic States, dr. J. A. Krištopaitis wrote in the press: “All the Western countries have long since established impressive museums in technical fields which not only fulfil the educational mission of a cultural and historic monument but also play the role of an attractive tourist attraction. In this field, due to a lack of insight, we are loosing valuable monuments in technological fields every day, thus impoverishing our culture and the values of its technological thought. The Lithuanian Museum of Energetics has all the potential to become an interesting Museum of Technology”.

Museum growth

In the end of 2008, the museum completed the implementation of the EU Structural Funds project. The main objective of the project was achieved and the building was reconstructed preserving the authentic equipment of the power plant. The museum was adapted for cultural and tourism needs. Previously small and little-known Lithuanian Museum of Energetics grew from 800 to 5000 m². The historical power plant, once situated on the edge of the city, after the building of King Mindaugas Bridge, has naturally joined the set of the most famous tourist attractions of Vilnius. The Gediminas castle and the Cathedral Square are right nearby, on the other side of the river Neris.

Pride of the museum

The pride of the museum is the power plant building itself and its equipment. The museum visitors not only learn about the industrial heritage of the city but also enjoy interactive science expositions. During the reconstruction, the old architecture of the building received new modern joints with contemporary solutions. Wind and solar energys powerhouse were installed on the roof. It helps the museum in presenting eco-friendly energetics and new technology in this area, as well as to cut down on electricity costs.

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