Yes. As of September 13th 2021 it is allowed to visit museum exhibitions without the National Certificate. However, all contact services (such as guided tours, educational programmes and escape room) shall be carried out and events organized only for those who meet the criteria set by the National Certificate.

Instead of National Certificate, foreign tourists are able to produce EU Digital Covid Certificate or printed vaccination documents issued by other countries. Foreigners with a negative PCR (valid for 48 hours) coronavirus test carried out in Lithuania will also be able to get more services. More about Covid-19-related restrictions here.

Yes. Energy and Technology Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 o'clock to 18:30. Monday is the only day the museum is closed. 

No. Energy and Technology Museum is a municipal museum. The legal status of the museum is the one of public enterprise. The museum is managed by five joint owners: Vilnius City Municipality, Vilnius Heating Network (CHC), The Lithuanian District Heating Association (LDHA), The National Lithuanian Energy Association (NLEA) and The Lithuanian Electricity Association (LEA).

No, on public holidays the museum is closed. Also, on an eve of a public holiday the museum closes an hour earlier.

Yes, for your convenience we recommend to inform us about group visits in advance so that we can be prepared. You can reach us by calling (+370 5) 275 4312, sending an email to visitors@etm.lt or messaging us on Facebook.

Yes, you can bring your dog to a museum! We ask that you don't leave pets unattended. Also, make sure that other visitors are comfortable. In case of complaint, we may ask you to leave the exposition.

Yes! Most of the exhibits in Energy and Technology Museum are colourful and interactive, therefore kids are required to touch and explore the exhibition. The thematic tour “Science & Technology for Kids” is a number one choice for families with children or small groups of preschoolers.

Yes. You can take pictures and videos and we encourage you to post it on social media. For commercial photoshoots and commercials contact us at info@etm.lt or (+370 5) 234 0420.

No, museum doesn't have its own free parking lot. There is a city parking by the museum charged at a Red zone rate: 1.5 Eur/hour (Mon–Sat 08:00-22:00).

Not any more. Transport Exposition in Energy and Technology Museum was closed in Mach 2018. Afterwards museum renovation works begun and old cars were returned to their owners car collectors. The Transport Exhibition building was dismantled. Currently under the previous exposition, the new Transformation Hall is undergoing construction. 

At this moment the elevator is undergoing construction. There is a stair climbing wheelchair available at the museum. Our staff will help you use it in order to reach upper halls. 

Yes. Upon your arrival, you can leave your personal belongings in the locker. The lockers are each locked with a key. You can find it on the ground floor near Visitor Centre. Please take your valuables with you. 

Do you have any more questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!
info@etm.lt | +370 5 275 4312

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